Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WIP: Steps to Grow Physical Volume on LVM on Virtual Machine

This is a work in progress, expect the post to change, perhaps drastically. This isn't the "simplest" way to do this, you could do this all online, but this allowed us to maintain consistency in setup across multiple physical and virtual machines.

Skeleton outline:

- Snapshot and shutdown the VM (bummer)
- Within VMware Infrastructure Client, extend the disk allocation for the VM
- Power on the VM
- Check that the disk size change is seen by the VM: run dmesg or fdisk -l
- fdisk the disk
- within fdisk, delete the physical partition that you wish to extend, then recreate the physical partition with the same options except extend the size to use the newly added free disk space
- write out the changes to disk and exit
- reboot the VM
- run pvdisplay
- run pvresize on the newly extended partition
- verify that the resize worked by comparing pvdisplay output
- verify that the new "Free PE" has increased with vgdisplay
- use lvcreate (-n LVNAME -L SIZE VolumeGroup) or lvextend to allocate new space


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