Friday, June 19, 2009

Firefox and Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 4 Issues and Work Around

The most recent Java update for OS X 10.5 caused some of our Java web apps to break, here's what my coworker came up with for a work around:

Open Finder > Applications > Utilities> Java Preferences.

On the General tab, in each of the 2 windows (Java Applet Plugin & Java
Applications) drag Java SE 6 to the top of the list and then close the

For Firefox:

In the menu bar select Firefox > Preferences.

Click on the Applications tab. Find Java Web Start file in the list
under Content Type.

To the right in the Action collumn click on the drop down and select Use

Navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/Java Web Start and click open.

Close the Preferences window.

Click on the Link to open you SANS@Home session.

When the window opens asking to open the file click on the drop down
menu and select other and navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/Java
Web Start and click open.

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